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The collaborative platform, via Nextcloud,
simple, economical and powered by artificial intelligence
 that fits your business

Juris Tyr brings together open-source online applications selected to offer a simple, collaborative, cost-effective and secure cloud for company directors, employees and collaborators to work efficiently with partners and customers, from any computer, with just a browser and an Internet connection.

Juris Tyr brings together a number of open source and/or free access applications selected for companies providing consultancy or services, including Nextcloud, InvoiceNinja, Pdfsignature, Jitsi, OnlyOffice, LegiGPT, etc. These online applications enable companies delivering services or to law firms for advisory or litigation work, ultimately replace a large number of collaborative and business management software applications.

This set of applications, the core of which is Nextcloudenables company members to collaborate on joint projects, exchange information and data securely with partners, colleagues or customers, and facilitate teleworking.

Nextcloud' is a collaborative file management software used by millions of users in thousands of organizations worldwide, notably in the public, private and educational sectors, as well as on other open-source online applications.

This suite of online applications lets you regain control of your tasks and data, and work remotely with ease, offering universal file access and synchronization between different devices, as well as communication, groupware, collaborative editing and text generation capabilities via new artificial intelligence online programs.

Juris Tyr via Nextcloud was initially designed for managing a sole practitioner's office. However, it can be adapted to any business or company providing advice or services, making it easier to organise files, tasks and relations with clients.

Juris-tyr, via the selection of applications opensource, allows, in particular, to :

  • share, collaborate and communicate with clients and colleagues, partners and customers across organisational boundaries,
  • protect, control and monitor its data and communications,
  • ensure compliance with legal and professional requirements
  • keep its data on its own servers at all times
  • use a fully customised platform with an excellent user experience

The system is customizable, easy to use and scalable, and also integrates the latest features of artificial intelligence programs such as 'Open Ai ChatGPT' for ex nihilo text generation, 'Translate' for text translation and 'Open Ai Whisper' for speech recognition and transcription in several languages.

Applications :
Lawyers, consultancy and service provision companiesMeetings and negotiations | Collaborative law | Mediation
How can the Juris Tyr platform help you in your profession?

A platform like Juris Tyr via Nextcloud can be extremely useful for a lawyer or consultancy firm for several reasons:

Management and synchronization of customer files: All files relating to a client file (contracts, letters, notes, etc.) are available in one place and synchronized on all devices. No risk of loss or dissociation of files.
Secure and collaborator access: Lawyers can give secure access to their associates or partners to manage certain files and stay in sync. Fine-grained access rights can be defined for each user.
Integrated communication and notification: The platform's messaging, chat and notifications allow for seamless communication with customers and between teams.
Shared calendar and tasks : A common agenda facilitates the management of appointments and meetings for several people. Shared to-do lists make it possible to coordinate actions between lawyers and assistants.
Productivity Features: Tools for automatic translation, text generation, electronic signature, etc. optimize the drafting of letters and deeds. You can edit and view Office and PDF files. Speech recognition via Open AI 'Whispper' saves considerable time when drafting procedures or notes.
Electronic billing: The platform can integrate an invoicing module to generate and send customer invoices electronically, simplified and secure.
Alternatives to GAFAM: By choosing a sovereign solution like Juris Tyr, lawyers retain control of their data and their digital independence. They are not dependent on any digital giant.
Customization and settings : The platform can be extensively customized with numerous parameters and settings to perfectly match the business processes of each practice.
How can the Juris Tyr platform help you to practice collaborative law and mediation?

The Juris Tyr platform can be very useful for the practice of Collaborative law and mediation for several reasons:

Secure collaboration space: The platform offers a secure collaborative space where lawyers, mediators, clients and their respective counsel can exchange information in complete confidentiality. Precise access rights can be defined for each participant.
Integrated communication tools: Instant messaging, video chat, video calling and notifications ensure smooth communication between all those involved in a collaborative project or mediation.
Secure document sharing : All files relating to a procedure (contracts, meeting minutes, draft agreements, etc.) are available in a single secure storage space, accessible to the entire team.
Common agenda : A shared calendar allows you to view everyone's availability and schedule to optimize the organization of face-to-face or remote meetings. Availabilities can be published to coordinate team schedules.
Co-editing space: The platform offers simultaneous co-authoring spaces where several participants can edit and comment on the same document in real time.
Productivity Features: Integrated artificial intelligence tools (translation, voice synthesis, etc.) speed up the drafting of minutes, draft agreements or any other collaborative written production.
Alternative to proprietary solutions: By choosing a sovereign platform like Juris Tyr, players in collaborative law and mediation retain control over their data, their exchanges and their practice. They are not dependent on any collaborative solutions provider.
Fine tuning : The platform can be fully configured and customized to match the specific business processes of collaborative law practice and mediation.
The Juris Tyr collaborative platform provides concrete answers to the day-to-day problems of lawyers and law firms in order to improve productivity, collaboration, management and digital sovereignty.The Juris Tyr platform offers concrete functionalities to facilitate communication, collaboration and case management between all actors in collaborative law and mediation.
Data room | File exchange and secure messaging
The Juris Tyr platform via Nextcloud can be used as an online file storage and sharing solution that allows to create and organize a data room. A data room is a secure space where confidential documents can be shared with third parties, for example during a financial or legal transaction.

The Juris Tyr platform as part of a data room :
- is installed on a server or use a secure hosted service,
- allows you to create an administrator account and user accounts for the data room participants, then create a shared folder for the data room and upload the documents to be shared,
- allows you to define the access permissions to the shared folder according to the role of each user (read-only, read-write, etc.),
- send e-mail invitations to users with a link to the shared folder.
- monitor data room activity through notifications and reports,
- organize exchanges via internal messaging,
- to list the files and folders in the dataroom and to view the activities of the members.
The Juris Tyr collaborative platform, via Nextcloud, lets you quickly set up and manage a data room for your operations, while respecting the required security levels.

Our offers :

Why the name Juris-Tyr?

In Norse mythology, Týr is the god of the sky, just war, justice, victory and strategy.

Týr est considéré comme un dieu de l’ordre et de la justice, car il symbolise l’assemblée du « thing », qui est l’organe législatif de la société viking.

By offering his right hand as a sacrifice to chain the wolf Fenrir, Týr contained the forces of chaos and disorder.

In Germanic culture, being the representative of the legal assembly is an important responsibility, as law and justice are considered sacred and essential to resolving conflicts.

In fact, many legal professionals and company directors are unfamiliar with the new technologies. open source digital tools and accessible for some in Open Source which would allow them to save time and focus on their core business.

What does Juris-Tyr offer?

Juris Tyr offers legal professionals (individual lawyers, legal directors...), the installation of a set of online applications and digital services, installed either online via a dedicated server ("VPS"), or self-hosted, with the aim of facilitating the management and development of a liberal or commercial business, and to companies and corporations, as well as services for the creation and management of Data Rooms in the context of carrying out administrative or legal operations (running the legal secretariat of a company, operations of acquisition, transfer, merger, company restructuring... etc.).).

Our services :


The Juris Tyr cloud provides you with access to Nextcloud for companies and/or liberal professionals, accessible either as self-hosting or via a VPS in the cloud, offering numerous applications and online tools file management, calendar management, task management, videoconferencing collaboration and invoicing...

List of online pre-installed applications:

The pre-installed applications of the Juris Tyr platform are the following:

Tables (Sharepoint)

The Tables app is an open source alternative to Microsoft SharePoint.

With this application, you can create your own tables with individual columns. You can start with a template, or start from scratch and add the columns you need to perfectly suit your practice or company.

You can use it to manage the vacation dates of employees or collaborators within the company, create a customer file summarizing the list of customers and the status of relationships, or create a table summarizing the characteristics of files and the manager according to each file, adapting it to your firm or company, according to its legal, administrative or judicial departments, or manage a list of tasks or projects between team members...etc.

You retain full control over your data, which is never passed on to a GAFAM company (GAFAM: Google (Alphabet), Apple, Facebook (Meta), Amazon and Microsoft).

Files and folders:

Files" app | Application for managing and sharing files and folders

You create and modify, as usual, the folders and files of your registered office or study and use your office suite installed on your computer (Office 365, Word, OnlyOffice, Libre Office...etc.) with your Windows 11, MacOS, or Ubuntu operating system /linux....

The documents and files of the firm that you create on your computer as part of your activity are synchronized in real time on the cloud in real time that your computer under Windows, MacOs or Ubuntu (Linux):

From your operating system's taskbar, you receive notifications informing you, for example, if another cloud user has sent you a message on the cloud's online chat, if your client or collaborator has made changes to a document, if exhibits are uploaded from the cloud by a client or opposing counsel, or if a survey about the firm's next meal is sent to the cloud.

In short, you continue to use your computer and its operating system as usual, the only difference being that you have access to all your files and folders and to online applications that allow you to manage your business or law firm regardless of your location (in or out of the office) or means of connection (computer, smartphone, iPhone...).


App " Agenda " | Online diary and appointment booking application

Secure, confidential and efficient file, contact and calendar management with Nextcloud.

Juris Tyr online services are based on open source applications installed either on a VPS, or on a Raspberry or OrangePi server within your company or practice.

The online applications are multiple: file management, office suite, data room, quotation and billing, online accounting application.

They have been selected to facilitate your operations and ultimately save you time.

Deck - Kanban chart:

App « Deck » | Application de type Tableau Kanban


Discussion" app | Application for discussing and collaborating on files


App « Office » | Suite bureautique via CollaboraOnline or OnlyOffice

Online contract signing (requires a Docusign subscription):

App " esign " | Application for electronic signature of documents (subject to subscription to the company's electronic signature services) Docusign)

Nextcloud Assistant :

This application provides a user interface for using artificial intelligence functions for word processing on Nextcloud (via OpenAi or Llama 2-derived ia models. OpenAi/LocalAi only).

It allows users to launch word-processing tasks via an artificial intelligence program, such as: Summarizing text, extracting topics, generating a title, getting an answer from a prompt or Rephrasing, then be notified when they've finished and see the results.

The wizard also appears in other applications such as 'Notes', Mail or 'CollaboraOnline' (via the 'Smart Selector') to easily process parts of a document.

How do I use it?
A new right-hand header menu entry appears. Once you've clicked on it, the wizard appears and you can select a task type and define the text input you wish to process (summarize, reformulate...etc.). Once a task is scheduled, it will run in the background.
Once completed, you'll receive a notification from which the results can be displayed. Other applications can be integrated into the assistant.
For example, Text will display an inline button next to each paragraph to directly select a task type to process that paragraph.
La sélection d’une tâche de cette manière ouvrira l’assistant avec la tâche présélectionnée et le texte d’entrée défini.

Word processing tools :
In the wizard, the list of available tasks depends on the available providers installed via other applications. This means you have complete freedom as to which service/software will actually perform your word processing tasks.

Until now, the Large language model and OpenAi/LocalAI integration applications have included word processing tools for :
-Summarizing a text ;
- Extract topics ;
- Generate a title ;
– Obtenir une réponse à partir d’une requête ;
- Reformulate.


App " Mail " | Application to manage your e-mail accounts
SnappyMail" app | Secondary e-mail application allowing you to sort your e-mails into a folder determined by the sender or the subject of the e-mail. https://webmail.juris-tyr.com

Annotation, signing and page organization of PDF files:


Visioconference :

App " Jitsi " by Nextcloud | Secure videoconferencing application integrated via Jitsi
App visio Jitsi standalone | https://visio.juris-tyr.com

Notes (with the integration of artificial intelligence services: OpenAi ChatGPT, Whisper, Replicate Dall-e ...etc.) :

Note taking - Ideas:

Carnet" app | Note and idea-taking application for computer and/or Android or Apple smartphone

Billing | Quotation :

App « Gestion » | Application de facturation et de création de devis
App Invoiceninja | https://facturation.juris-tyr.com

Integration of LegiGPT (OpenAI):

Phonetrack | Geolocation and phone tracking :

📱 PhoneTrack est une application Nextcloud pour suivre et stocker la position d’appareils mobiles.

🗺 It receives information from cell phone logging applications and displays it live on a map.

CHow to use PhoneTrack:

(Don't forget to define the device name in the link (rather than in the logging application settings). Replace 'yourname' with the desired device name. Setting the device name in the logging application settings only works with Owntracks, Traccar and OpenGTS.

On the main PhoneTrack page, when you look at a session, you can:

It is also possible to send a phone trace to a specific person. In this case, the 'public' and 'filtered public' pages sent work like the main administrator page (admin), except that only one session is displayed, everything is read-only and there's no need to be logged in.

Legal reminder concerning the geolocation of employees (French regulations) :

First and foremost, it's important to know that geolocation instantly determines the geographical position of a phone or, more often, a vehicle.

There are three conditions to be met before geolocation can be used by a company with employees working in France: 1 - The French Court of Cassation has ruled that geolocation must only be used if no other means of monitoring employees' working hours is possible. 2 - The Conseil d'Etat clarifies that, even if geolocation is more effective, another means of monitoring working hours must be used, if possible. 3 - Finally, an employer may not use this system to monitor an employee who has a certain degree of freedom or autonomy in the organization of his or her work (such as an employee in a sales management position).

If an employer wishes to set up a geolocation system in France, there are several points to consider. Firstly, they must ensure that geolocation is the only possible means of monitoring employees' working hours. Secondly, they must carry out an impact analysis based on the company's project. This involves a detailed description of the processing used, an assessment of the necessity and proportionality of the system, and a technical study of the data security risks involved. Last but not least, employers are required to inform their employees of the introduction of a geolocation system.

To inform employees, the employer can use a single medium, such as a note, e-mail or notice when hiring. As of May 25, 2018, it is no longer mandatory to make a declaration to the CNIL.

Customizable dashboard:

App "External sites" | Application providing access to third-party websites and services, such as Open AI ChatGPT, Dalloz, Lexis360...etc.

Where is the data stored?

For the Cloud service, your data is stored :

In any case, Juris-Tyr and/or third parties will never have access to your data without your authorization, since we are only responsible for setting up the cloud and providing you, if you wish, with technical assistance in the event of difficulties or an update.

Legal professionals, lawyers, notaries, legal directors...

With Login: 'DEMO' and demo password: 'DEMO8888TEST »

Main advantages of the Juris-Tyr cloud:

Juris Tyr Cloud Service | File management and access to online applications :

Install the applications used on the Juris-Tyr platform free of charge, sur son serveur :


Rates for services :

Service 1. Abonnement Managed VPS :

Subscription allows you to benefit from an installation and configuration tailored to your company or practice. (for example with an domain name cloud.lawfirm-johnsnow.fr) regular updates and additions, and benefit from new features over time without having to worry about installation and backups.

With a subscription, you don't have to worry about installation, configuration, server backups or security updates, and you can keep your files both in the cloud and on your personal computer, even if your Internet access is cut off or your subscription ends.

We offer two subscription formulas:

Whichever formula you choose, you must give one (1) month's notice to cancel your subscription by sending an e-mail to the contact address.

Subscription rate : C$ 69.00 excl. VAT per month | 12-month commitment | one month's notice of termination
or : C$ 119.00 excl. VAT per month | without commitment of duration | one month's notice of termination

What is included in the subscription?

Service 2. Installation on your server or VPS :

Option : Installation/update technical assistance subscription: C$ 58 ex. VAT / per month, regardless of the number of users.
This optional service allows you to benefit from technical assistance concerning the operation of the system, updates, cache cleaning, information on new features added during updates... (for example via the integration of OpenAI ChatGPT or the addition of an automatic translation application...etc.).

For information | Budget for 'in-house' installation and management costs
(excluding subscription to a 'Juris-tyr' offer)

For information: Total management costs for installing Juris Tyr Cloud on your server in self-hosted mode.

Management fees for installation of the Juris-Tyr solution on a server located on the firm's or company's premises:

Management fees to be expected if the Juris-Tyr type solution is installed on a dedicated server (VPS OVH / Hostsinger / Nuxit etc.):

Service 3. Data room :

Contact us :

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